Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vacation's Over

And time to relax! We usually go camping for a week as part of our vacation. The last two years we've also taken the dogs with us, and they seem to really enjoy it.
This year was a little tricky.
We arrived Sunday around noon and Mike and I put up the tent trailer so I could set stuff up in there while he returned home to bring our highly-carsick dog by himself. If he's gonna throw up, we didn't want anyone/thing in the way.
The weather called for possible rain...
Later in the afternoon, we listened to the distant thunder and watched the storm clouds creeping up on us. Now, they didn't take US by surprise, but apparently, they sneaked past the local radio station (CHYR--96.7 in southwestern Ontario) without being noticed. As we sat in the tent trailer, listening to the rain on the roof sounding like a stampede of buffalo and the thunder booming simultaneously with the lightning strikes...we could hear the woman on CHYR saying "a chance of showers tonight with a possibility of a severe thunderstorm".
Yup, just a possibility.
Anyway, the rain soon ended, as heavy rains oft do. Luckily, when my dh set up the tent that he and the dogs slept in, it was on a higher part of the site. The 'main' part, that around the firepit and the picnic table was flooded.
By Thursday, most of our site had dried, although around the picnic table it was still marshy. Dried just in time...to be flooded again! I took pictures the second time around. I'm just glad that we had decided to take the dogs back a day early. It's awful enough the kids not being able to wander around the site, but how do you tell dogs to stay out of the water?

The first picture shows our small pond...the centre one shows our tent trailer with the tent. The third picture shows just how close the people on the site behind us were. No, we had no idea who they were, but at least they were quiet!
The rain and the 'floods' didn't stop us. The extreme heat that week didn't even stop us. Slowed us down, but didn't stop us! The way I look at it, we weren't home to run the air conditioner, and we surely would have had we been home!

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