Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New tote

Just finished this tote, (pattern will be available on my site and probably also at my etsy store September 5th) and now am in the middle of a Hallowe'en tote which I'm having fun with, and I also started a smaller purse with sequins. So far I'm liking the look!

We're waiting (not) anxiously for the building to commence beside us. Step 1: the connection to the sewers is done. If ya saw this lot, you'd be wondering, too: how on earth are they going to fit 4 duplexes AND a small park side by side on this thing??? I swear, the map they gave us made it look they'd be building into our back yard. Hey, pay me enough, I'd sell in a minute. Give me a house where I can have my own craft room and I'd be happier than the proverbial pig in s***.
I've even got it roughly planned: ceiling high shelves on one wall with see-through bins for yarn and accessories. A nice long table with a computer at one end. A smaller table with a coffee maker. A comfy couch, a radio...maybe even a tv with a dvd player. I told this to my husband and he said "sure, then you'd NEVER come out!"

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