Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Something new

In June when I heard my 18yo niece would be going away to school, I got an idea to make an afghan with 'smilies'. She's on the computer alot, and a major part is messaging with her friends, so I thought the smilieghan would make a nice gift. Maybe a little fun while everyone figured out what smilie meant what!
She has since changed her mind and is no longer going to school--shame, she was going to study psychology, and I tell you, my family could use a shrink! But the smilieghan idea didn't go away. I started with three, and plan on adding 3 more every 2-3 weeks for a total of 15 12" smilie blocks and 1 plain block pattern to alternate with them. Rather than go and spend money on yarn, this one will use what I have. Plus some, I NEED some colours!
The crochetalong is available for sale on my site, click on the smilie block to check it out!

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