Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer Boredom Strikes

My girls are bored already! I wouldn't think they'd be bored, they've been visiting friends, having friends over, the oldest just about every day so far!
Me, I'm bored, too! Can't figure out what I want to do: I've started a Beach Fun for 11 1/2" dolls, a Banana Split, a cape that I am really not happy with and will frog...
The highlight of my week: we had new vinyl flooring installed in our bathroom. Now, this room is less than 6 feet x 5 1/2 feet floor space. Factor in a toilet and an average size shower stall, and picture the actual amount of flooring. $263 Canadian later. BUT, there is a new subfloor, so there is an extra bit of insulation between the cold basement and our barefeet coming out of the shower in the cold winter months! And it looks sooooo much better than the paper thin peel n stick tiles that had begun to migrate. The continental drift in my bathroom.

Today, I check my email, and it never fails to surprise me how many intelligent people get taken in by email scams. As in "please forward, so AOL will donate" or "Red Cross will donate", or even "Bill Gates will donate". With a sob story that has no truth to it. The creator has accomplished what he set out to do: let innocent people do the spamming.
Please, before you forward such messages (along with Canada/US post is going to start charging for emails), check with an urban legends site. My favourite is Snopes.

I had applied at Bella Online to become crochet editor (me and how many others???), but was not chosen. Only a little disappointed, partly because I'm not sure if I even have the time each week, and partly because, if I really wanted to, I could do the same thing here. I'm still trying to figure out how to find the patterns/pictures that the current editor is posting. I don't know if a link or picture was left out, or if my computer just isn't getting it.

Laundry calls, dishes are screaming...and I could really use a coffee!

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