Friday, July 07, 2006

Empty Nest Syndrome

The baby robins have long gone. Seems like one day, they were just starting to hop out on the branches of the Twig, the next they were gone. Actually, it was two days after. The tree swallows are still in their box, they're getting longer looking like miniscule plucked chickens...and will be soon leaving.
I think the parents scared our one cat! Swallows will dive at you trying to scare you away from the nest. Yesterday, they were swooping awfully close to our front door, so I suspected a cat was on the porch. Sure enough, it was the younger cat, Stormy, hiding under a folding lawn chair! When I opened the door, she certainly didn't hesitate about coming in.

With July's patterns posted (click on the sundae to go there!), I already have most of August's in mind. A banana split to follow the sundae, an 11 1/2" fashion doll beach fun set to follow the 4 1/2" on
e for July, and an afghan done in squares.

But, I still have a small exchange, a larger exchange, and a comfortghan to finish up and mail out before I can settle in with all my 'equipment' surrounding me.

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