Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Is it National Scream Your Head Off Day?

Is there even a National Scream Your Head Off Day?  If not, I now believe there should be one.  Scream and let it all out.

First, the mess next door.  Already mentioned, moving on...
Vacation.  Hubby didn't let me know soon enough (March) and the weeks he did finally ask for and be approved for are no longer available to me due to others having already booked.  Okay, so my manager did try to book me off for several days straight, he is awesome when it comes to trying to work with you like that.
Work?  Uh, scratch those several days off.  We're one man down, due to a teen who looked upon work as something to do when there was nothing else to do.  If there was something else, oh, well, just don't show up.  don't call, don't show up.  Or try to request a day off AFTER the schedule has been written, then don't bother to check said schedule, but ASSUME you get your day off and don't show.  Or better yet, don't bother asking for a special day off for an event that every idiot knows is planned months in advance.  When the schedule is posted with you being scheduled to work that special day, don't bother seeing if other arrangements could be made, just DON'T SHOW UP.  And forget about showing the next day...or a few days later for that shift either.
But please, don't be surprised when you finally do decide to show up for a shift that it's not yours anymore, and you don't need to worry about checking a schedule at that place anymore.  Period.

And please, don't bother yourself that because of your irresponsibility, others will now have to fill in.  Again.  Others who do show up for work on their scheduled days.  Others who didn't take a vacation the previous year because her spouse was laid off and she figured it was better to have that money than time off.  Others who rarely get a Sunday off, who were *hoping* to get a full weekend off this weekend.  The first weekend of her husband's two week vacation, and she may have wanted to do at least a quick weekend trip somewhere.
Okay, end of rant.

Wondering though, if this crap could actually benefit me.  How would hubby feel about me running my own business now, if I could add to the plusses with:  no more midnight shifts, with me trying to sleep during the day when you would actually like to do something as a family.  No more midnight shifts and day shifts mixed in a week.  No more being called in when someone doesn't show up for work and feeling obligated to say 'okay' or feeling a little guilty at saying no.  Choosing my own hours, opening one Sunday a month, or even none at all...

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