Thursday, July 01, 2010

And more Happy Pictures

I've just been told by a neighbour who spoke to someone and discovered that our lovely view will be all ours for the entire summer.  Need I mention just how happy this makes my husband and I? 
The dirt finding its way into our open windows, or onto my clothes hanging out to dry...
The pipes 40 centimetres from our property line, which smelled like sulfur?
The front end loader which looked like it was about 3 feet from my fence, which btw, is 10 feet INSIDE my property line...
I am waiting for just one of our trees to be harmed, just one...
And I have composed a letter to the Deputy Mayor which is waiting for me to re-read when I've cooled down a bit.  Hopefully I do cool down a bit.
I would like to set things straight, we are not really angry with the workers, after all, they're doing their job.  We are upset that they don't seem to have been advised to respect the neighbourhood, especially the neighbours whose property is alongside 'their' property.  And...ALL SUMMER???  I am so not looking forward to the upcoming week when I'll be working midnights and expecting to sleep sometime through the day.  I am just glad that the last night I worked, the following day was a pick up dirt day and not a dump dirt day.  The pick up dirt days are quieter than the dump dirt days:  no sounds like cannons going off several times through the day.

Today's pictures, the most recent addition to the mess.  These pipes are about 40 centimetres from the property line.  And as mentioned above, have a sulfurous smell to them, I'm wondering if they were gas lines?!?
The measuring tape is a 3metre tape, and its tip is at our fence.  The picture below shows the distance between the pipe and the 3 metre from our fence mark (which is still inside the property line).  It is 40 centimetres, unfortunately, I could not get the numbers to show clearly on the tape and still show the tape and the pipe.  A crocheter I am, photographer...not so much.  This was after my husband tried to move the pipes away from our property, I'm not sure whether he did manage to move them at all or not.  If he did...they were closer before.
And a couple more shots of the jumbled mess of pipes, along with the new pile that is stretching toward us.  If I were a Sci-Fi geek, I might think it was actually growing.  Uh...wait, I AM a sci-fi geek.  (or so my kids say)
For sale or trade:  one three bedroom house...with a view?

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