Friday, March 26, 2010

My Website and Windows 7

Who knew?  I bought a laptop a month or so ago, with Windows 7 pre-installed.  After the horrific time we had with Vista, there was no way I was buying anything with Vista loaded on it.  At the same time, we had our desktop in for 'surgery':  Vista was removed, and Windows 7 installed.
Now, I had to download all the programs I'd been using before this of which was Yahoo's Sitebuilder.  Download, install...check.
Open, edit...check.  Save...AAAAARGH.  Errors.  Wouldn't save a thing.
Tried a few times, thinking it was just a glitch, and each time sighed (okay, SWORE would be more like it) and closed the program.
I finally contacted Yahoo yesterday, and figured it had to be a compatibility issue, after all, Windows 7 is only 6 months released? and during the contact us process, when it asked for the operating system....Windows 7 was nowhere to be seen.
TODAY, I heard back.  Wow.  Only one day!  And yes, it was a compatibility issue, but the tech in his reply gave me step by step instructions.  I was almost afraid to try to edit and save, after all, I'm coming down with my first cold in ages and have a scratchy throat; I really did not feel up to yelling  four letter words at my laptop.  Thankfully, that was not necessary.

On a crochet note, I bought a pattern (yes, sometimes I do use someone else's patterns) from MsPremiseConclusion on Etsy.  She's also a member of Etsyhookers team, and during a promo thread on Etsy, I checked out her budgies.  They were so cute, and suddenly I had a picture in my mind of our tiny little tree out front with colourful budgies adorning its branches.  Wouldn't that make people look twice?  To see  a picture and check out the listing, just follow me...
I will have to post a picture when it's done.  Of course, I will have to put the birds in place when no one's home to stop me.  :)

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