Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Finally got around to it...somewhat!

I am emberrassed to say just how long I've been thinking of and talking about doing this, so I'll just say after a 'little bit' of time, I've finally gotten around to taking out some of the crochet and craft magazines I know I will no longer use, took pictures and listed them on Etsy as commercial supplies.
I do have more, but baby steps!  Put them together with my yarn and thread already in my destash section, and there's projects in them thar listings.  Check them out.
Now, I also have a bag full of Avon skin care products and 'with purchase' items that were sent as part of a seller's program, please, grant me the determination to break out my camera and take pictures and get them up on eBay.  And grant me the good fortune of having people want to save $$ to take them off my hands at cost or very little above!  In some cases, below cost!
Procrastination is my enemy.

Also, I did add a new handmade item, from my Easter Stuffies pattern set I'm re-working, and got a little creative with the main picture:
Clicking on the picture will take you to the listing.

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