Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What a week!

My week actually started on the weekend with my 8yo complaining of her neck hurting. She was unable to move her head much, and the pain was enough to make her cry, when she has a pretty good threshold for pain at her age! A chiropractor's visit on Monday confirmed she had locked up the back of her neck. After adjustment, exercises and ice, her neck is almost back to normal. At least...pain free!!
At her dental appointment today, I found out that when she brushes her teeth, she is not spending as much time on the back teeth. Permanent teeth have cavities, which is scary (didn't need the dentist to tell me that!). So, we are cutting wayyyy back on fruit snacks, and having fresh fruit instead.
Now, that upset my 10yo, who seems to be like her father. Why eat fresh when you can have something loaded with chemicals and preservatives?? She'll get over it...soon I hope! And this is from the one who wanted to become vegetarian.

While I waited in the dentist office...what did I do??? I CROCHETED. And chatted a bit with one woman who had come in to wait for her husband. My 10yo sat about 3 seats away from me. Guess if she'd have waited to write her speech for school (subject: How Parents can be Embarrassing), she would have had more ammo...I mean...material.
I did read her speech, which she refused ANY help for, and was impressed with her writing. What a sense of humour. And, best of all, no particulars as to just how embarrassing we can be: nothing like breaking wind when she has company over...or making her try a bra on over her clothes in the middle of a department store (my mother did that...now THAT was embarrassing! but at least it was OVER the shirt!!). I'm sure if I sit and think hard enough (one of these days, I may just try the thinking thing), I can come up with a really good way to embarrass her.

Maybe at her grade 8 graduation in a few years....

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