Thursday, February 16, 2006

February blahs

Well, I've heard of the January blahs, but I seem to have the February blahs. Was unable to come up with ideas for designs for two weeks! I kept getting fuzzy pictures, but it was like trying to adjust an old television set with no cable or satellite!
Fortunately, the 'blahs' seem to have gone, I'm almost done a St. Patrick's Day/spring outfit for Kelly dolls, and have started a doily with a unique shape. Well, I hope it's unique.
The arm warmers previously mentioned (the ones I made for my 10yo who 'demanded' them--she never wore them!) at least did see some sunlight. My 8yo decided SHE liked them, and has worn them twice to school, and received compliments from some of her friends.
I recently purchased two sets of Space Bags from the Shopping Channel, and after trying one out, the only problem I had was that it developed a small tear near the zipper in the plastic. I stuffed a large one with 4 pillows, impressed my husband by compacting them down to the height of about 1 pillow, and tried again. Then my daughter decided to use it for stuffed animals and discovered the tear. I'm thinking the zipper had somehow gotten caught when I tried to seal it.
Next step: trying these bags for yarn storage. If I can compact all my yarn into two bins, that would be great. Specially since then, it would be hard for my husband to see just how much yarn I do have...and how much I don't *really* need. And since he quit smoking over 2 years ago (hurray!), I can't really say my hobby costs a lot less. Don't get me wrong, I really do prefer it this way!

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