Thursday, January 12, 2006

January blahs

I used to love the winter, and all the snow we used to get. Playing outside, building snowmen and snow castles. Making snow angels and playing fox and goose. I still love the winter, and the snow! but have to admit that now that I pay bills, it is rather nice to see mild temps in January! Today we're due to hit 50!!!
I've been working on de-cluttering bit by bit. Assembled some squares from one group into a comfortghan to go out soon. Assembled some squares from my private stash to start a second comfortghan. Then on to more fun stuff.
Like the Valentine's Day air freshener doll. And a towel that I have in mind. And a purse (one of these days...saw the handles I want at the hardware store!)
I've been playing with the idea of selling some patterns on Free to list, so it may be worth a shot. I have to pay for my yarn addiction (and the time I don't work outside the home!) somehow.

I have to say, I was utterly stunned when my 10yo came home yesterday. Some girls around 6 or 7 had asked my daughter's boy friend to 'strip', and even offered him a skipping rope if he would kiss my daughter. Which he didn't, thank goodness! Then the girls proceeded to tell my daughter she should get naked and go to bed with the boy. At SIX and SEVEN?? Yes, my 10 yo knows about that 'stuff', but she certainly knows better than to talk about that subject, especially at school. Heck, even my 8yo. Then I got to thinking: maybe these girls parents don't tell them anything. I suppose it's highly possible that they've heard something like that on tv, or even at school from older kids, and because they haven't learned anything from their parents, that they assume it's all right to talk that way??
Is it possible that parents, thinking they are protecting their child, are dooming them to a life of detention/suspensions and hanging around the wrong crowd? I am not suggesting a lengthy, graphic discussion about the 'S' word. Just enough to get them by, and to satisfy questions they may have. And believe me, if they don't find the answers at home, they'll certainly find them at school...just maybe not the right ones.

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Beata said...

I must comment on your daughter's experience. I had a similar thing happen when my son was in kindergarten(!!). I called the school and told them what had happened. It may be that not-so-nice stuff is going on at home or that these kids are being exposed to very not-appropriate movies, tv, etc.