Wednesday, June 13, 2012


When I'm really tired, I tend to get 'goofy'.  I laugh at almost anything, come up with silly ideas which, sometimes when I've gotten sleep and look at them again, sometimes can be a little stupid.

After working my 3rd midnight shift, and having a routine that basically equalled a 12 hour day with only 2 broken hours of sleep, when I got home this morning, I was tired.  I was home early, so sat up to see the girls off to school, and kept busy weaving in ends on some squares for a friend.  12 squares, 4 colours each square...that's 96 ends to weave in and trim off.  I looked at the little pile and proudly announced:  "Cool!  YARN BARF!"

Thankfully, I do not work tonight, so will hopefully get some sleep and have a much clearer head in the morning.  Which means, I could look at this post in the morning, think "OMG, I posted THAT?" and my finger won't hesitate over the delete button.  Or I could just leave it up, cause I think we all should give in to the 'sillies' once in a while.

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