Thursday, June 14, 2012

The $4,000 doodle

I think I've decided to leave yesterday's post up.  If anything, it could be a lesson on why sleep is important. 

While on Etsy this morning, a seller posted a comment in the forum.  I'm still trying to figure this seller out, whether he posts just to get a rise out of people, or he sincerely is trying to sell his work for the prices he is asking.  I won't paste his work or his name here, but I will give you a general idea of what it looks like: 

Imagine this done in marker, on a wrinkled piece of art paper torn from a spiral art pad, with a picture that looks like it's taken on someone's carpeted floor.  With an asking price of $4,000.
Of course, the 'artist' spent hours on that (my representation took about 10 seconds, but it is very close), and take your pick of different drawings:  goat, mask, horse...they all look almost identical.  And apparently, the artist studied some kind of relationship...can't remember his exact wording, lines?  geometry?  Alcohol?
Keeping this $4,000 doodle, ooops, masterpiece in mind, please take a peek at my daughter's drawing.  Now, obviously, she's not in the same class as the artist I've mentioned, and has not studied any relationship between lines and shapes other than one year of high school art class, but if I *have* to pay $4,000 for one or the other, hands-down, I'd pick hers. 
Another difference between the two, the 'artist' stands firmly by his prices and his boasts of his skills, while my daughter claims she is no artist.  Ah, modesty.  :)
This is one of her more recent drawings, and isn't one of her best. 
If by chance anyone is interested in an 8 x 10 print of this, it will be printed on acid-free paper on our HP colour printer and shipped sandwiched between cardboard to prevent wrinkling and bending in the mail.  $20 includes shipping anywhere, and all profit will go to my daughter, to put away for school, or spend as she sees fit.  I can be contacted at crochetsal (at symbol here) yahoo (dot symbol here) com.

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