Monday, August 08, 2011

Fall is Coming!

It has to be coming!  Our Sears Fall & Winter catalogue arrived a month or so ago, so autumn can't be too far away.  Since the catalogue arrived before we'd had any real summer weather, I put off opening it, wanting to enjoy summer for a while before thinking about fall!  It is waiting patiently in its plastic wrapper to be opened when the time is right.

I've started designing a few Hallowe'en items, along a goblin line.  I had such fun with the bulging eyes and protruding nose on my Snot-Nosed Goblin Hat
that I wanted to try something similar in other projects.  I was describing to my neighbour about the water bottle cover I was working on, how I hated setting it aside just when I got 'into' it to get dressed and trot off to work, when she mentioned 'wine bottle'.  So, there's another project or two.  :)
Now, if only I can stay off the computer long enough on my day off to 'get into' my water bottle cozy, I may just finish it today.

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