Friday, May 07, 2010

Wow, think moving became a stronger possibility...

Continuation of my last post.   Where were we?   I had heard back from someone at 'Billing' where  either the link the guy I talked to by phone and gave me was wrong, or someone did not read and forwarded it to billing.  She gave me the proper web page to fill out a form.  (after a flew clicks to go to another page)
I filled that out, it was via  After a few days, I just heard back last night.  The da**ed message got bounced to BILLING again.  And I stated  on the form that I was NOT behind, even the worker on the phone told me my account was fine.  So, BILLING?  AGAIN?

I just do not understand how such a big company can seem to be so uncaring.  In my reply to this latest 'please call us' from billing, I replied with an "I think I'm GIVING UP".  Geez, I hate to seem like I'm not caring, yet I seem to be putting more effort into reporting this phishing attempt than Yahoo is putting into looking into it.

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