Monday, May 17, 2010

Spending more time on Facebook now...and Doily Dilemma

But not too much!  I've recently started a fanpage there for my crochet--both patterns and finished items--and am gradually adding photos of my work. 
I have also started listing some of my patterns for purchase through Ravelry, and that's an even slower process, since I now have over 250 patterns.  Wow, didn't realize I had that many for sale!!  And once I get around to those ideas that have been floating around my head for a few weeks now, there will be a few more. 

I was recently given a few grocery bags of fabric scraps, with some doilies mixed in.  This was from a co-worker who just retired, and I so want to make something from some of this  for him and his wife as a thank you.  I had thought of affixing a doily to fabric, either sewing (ugh) or by ironing on with fusible web (tried the stuff, LOVE it).  Someone in my Etsyhookers team suggested stiffening them into bowl shapes, which is a great idea.  While mulling this over, a couple of suggestions came through the Crochet Partners mailing list--quite coincidentally because I hadn't posted anything to that group!  One linked to a blog where someone had sewn doilies together, to form a larger piece, then wrapped it around a pillow.  I do like the look of it!
There was also a link to a candle cover (around a glass container, and well away from any flames) made using doilies which was another idea, unfortunately, I seem to have deleted the email with the link.

I had also wondered, along the stiffening lines...can you use resin on crochet cotton?  If anyone has tried this, I'd love to hear about it!

Whatever I do decide to do with the doilies, I will have to wash them thoroughly, they'd been starched and stiffened, and some I believe were ruffled doilies but due to the storage, they were all scrunched up and the ruffles lost.  I might have some fun with these doilies, just a matter of finding time to play!

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