Friday, September 11, 2009

School's back in, hurray!

With one girl starting high school, our bank account was quickly depleted within a week.  And only part of it was supplies and clothes.
First, $50 BEFORE she even started.  Yearbook, activity fees.
Then, first day of school, she comes home with a request for $38 for a gym uniform.  Plus $10 for science.
Then, the next day, she needed a few more dollars for another class, and it was picture day already, with payment due up front.  That was about $40 total.
Hopefully, they're done milking us for at least a bit...gotta let the milk supply replenish.

I finished a Hallowe'en design, using buttons from buttonsbyrobin on Etsy--I loved her buttons as soon as I saw them.  Pattern will be available in my pattern shop/on my website soon, and the finished set is available now.  

Click on the picture to go to the listing on Etsy.

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