Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gas prices, gas boycotts

Friday morning, I drove to Leamington, about a 12 minute drive from my town. I felt guilty, especially when I passed the gas station where gas was $1.17 a litre. Which works out to about $4.42 a gallon. Canadian prices, but the US and Canadian dollars are so close, it's not worth converting. But, there were things I needed that couldn't be found in small town, department store-less Kingsville. Okay, it was yarn. And yes, I could have mail-ordered. Mary Maxim I'd have it in under a week, Herrschners, it could be 2 months. Really, last order DID take 2 months. However, the project I needed it for has to be done quickly, so I needed the yarn NOW.

Anyway, later that day, I had to go BACK to Leamington to pick my daughter up from a dance. The sign outside the gas station I had passed earlier now read $1.20 a litre. $4.53 a gallon.

Yesterday, my hubby went for a bike ride past the other side of town, and swears that gas station read $1.24 a litre...$4.68 a gallon.

This morning, I get one of those 'gas prices, please read...' junk emails. Yes, junk. I just had to laugh at this. Puh-lease, this same one has been going around (of course, someone recently had changed the prices in the body of the email...they were in a different shade of blue) for YEARS, and as of yet, it has made ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE in gas prices. They just keep getting higher. So, save yourself some trouble, save your friends the trouble...if you get that email, just delete it like you do (well, maybe some don't) with all the x-rated junk offers and 'congratulations, you've won an internationl lottery' emails.

How can you save money on gas? Rather than drive 4 blocks to pick up the morning/afternoon paper, WALK. Or ride a bike. Just need a few groceries, 5 blocks away? WALK, or ride a bike. (See the trend??) Keep in mind, you're not only saving $, but you're saving wear and tear that short trips make on the car, AND doing something healthy for YOU. And while you're walking, do take some time to stop and smell the roses. Much better than the smell of gasoline.

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