Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Something new

Thought with everyone having blogs, I'd give it a shot. A place where I can speak my mind, spout off about things, or simply update when there's nothing else on my mind.
I have a sense of humour that has seen me through a few things, and although it may be twisted (like when I laughed my butt off when my 5,000 piece puzzle was knocked down and demolished when I only had a few hundred pieces left...) it's a nice thing to have.
Sometimes, it even helps with the creativity. As in, one of my new patterns for July, my Monster Mug. As almost any crocheter can tell you, the Couch Monster does exist, and seems to fare quite well on hooks it snags when you're not looking. Mine seems to prefer the 4.5mm hooks, and lately has been known to eat 3.75mm hooks. So, I kinda wondered what the couch monster would look like...and came up with an 'artist's concept':

Don't be alarmed, this 'monster' has been defanged (kinda like the Abominable Snowman in the Rudolph movie), so although he will hold your hooks, he can't eat them.

I gave one of these to each of my daughters' teachers, the bus driver, and one for the office staff, filled with candy. My 7yo at the bus stop this morning told the neighbour girl what was in the wrapping, and continued to educate the neighbour girl regarding the infamous Couch Monster. I had to chuckle!

Check back, I know there's a rant or two coming up in the future (trees vs. smog, grocery store 'sampling' and spitting the remains in the other food...), and drop a line if you'd like. Please, NO SPAM. I am sick to death of that, would like to see all spammers left computerless on another planet. Since there are none yet suitable for human habitation, any one will do.

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