Saturday, March 08, 2014

Another Goodbye.

I realized yesterday, while working and thinking of words to put together, that I have usually turned to writing in my times of grief.  Pictures flow through my mind of happier times, some from long ago, and I feel an urge to share them via words. 

Thursday, I found out my grandfather had passed away.  I found out on Facebook, which may seem shocking, but it was through a private message from my brother who thought I had already been called.   I imagine I might have felt differently if I had logged in to see posts from relatives in my feed.

Sadly, words seem to be failing me now, so

Dear Grandpa:
Although I didn't get a chance to see you one last time, I try to comfort myself with the thought that your pain was not prolonged, and that you are happier now and welcomed warmly by family who are waiting beyond.
I will try to smile when I remember visiting you and searching your bedroom floor for the change which we later suspected you threw there on purpose but never did confirm that.  And when I remember a Grandpa who got right down on the floor and played with three giggling young girls, giving them 'horseback' rides around the room.
Or when I remember a night my two sisters and I stayed with you and Grandma Betty and we drove to Windsor in your mobile home to see Freaky Friday. 

I think forever, I will picture you sitting at the ponds, surrounded by family at our yearly reunion, with a smile on your face that showed how much we were all loved and how happy you were to have your family around you.

Please forgive me my tears as I write this, I know in time the tears and the pain will fade and the same happy memories that bring those tears now will  instead bring smiles.
Love you Grandpa,

George Oliver (Ollie) Sharp

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