Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Saying goodbye...

...to crochetsal.com.
And boy, it's taken some work, even considering the work is all done with me sitting on my tush.
For now, all my free patterns are listed in a new Facebook group I started.  The drawback to that is their file feature is somewhat limited and you can't have different folders .  BUT, I did discover that if I comment under each file, the words in the comments are searchable, even though the title of the file itself is not. 

I will also have to edit all my free pattern links on Ravelry, and may eventually add the free patterns there, but wow, I tried yesterday and instead of getting easier, it seems to have gotten more involved listing a pattern. 

On a non-crochet note, my father brought over 3 boxes of old books.  Now, I remember a lot of these from living at home, most of them came from my Grandma Dobson's house after she passed away:  she had shelves and cupboards of books and when I visited her one of my favourite things to do was look through them all.
Two of the books are from *my* high school days.  Which don't seem like that long ago, but are still vintage according to Etsy's standards (20 years).  Some are my father's books from school, and several are my grandmother's school books!
There is even one book from 1873.  Wow.  Sadly, looking online, these books that are such treasures to me, with names of loved ones in their younger days, are not treasures to the rest of the world, not even the book-loving rest of the world.

I have to admit, my husband was not too happy to see 3 boxes of books taking up space in our small living room, even if they did make our living room smell like an old library (mmmmmm), so I assured him, I will go through, pick the ones that I want and list the rest online.  The Sherlock Holmes book is going no farther than the bookshelf in my bedroom.

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