Thursday, May 03, 2012

Morning Walk

I really must learn to listen to myself.  I decided this morning to take the dogs for a walk down the trail, and thought "Maybe I should take my camera", but then figured "Nah, the same stuff will be there next time"
Already, in early May, it's feeling like a mid-summer day.  Walking along the trail I could smell 'fresh':  the flowering trees, the weeds along the side of the trail, and even just the grass and the trees.  I must admit, there was a short span behind the fishery where the smell wasn't so pleasant, but later on, mingled with the fresh green smell was the smell of paint.  Almost heaven.  :)
At one point, my part-shepherd started to pull and I looked farther up to see a rabbit on the side of the trail.  The rabbit hopped ahead on the trail as we walked, then hopped across it.  Stopped, watched us, hopped a little farther, stopped...repeated this once more, then hopped into the bushes.  As we approached where the rabbit had left the trail, I looked over, and sooooo close, there he was staring back at me.  Ideal camera time.  :(

I will say, for relaxation, it was an awesome walk.  The smells, the sights, and the birds and insects chirping and singing.  For excercise, not so much.  Both dogs insisted on marking twigs and dandelions as we went--I didn't know females did this too, but I swear, Daisy-dog stopped more than Buster did!  There is nothing like a dog stopping to smell things along the way to remind you to stop and smell the roses, although I prefer my roses over their 'finds'.

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