Monday, February 21, 2011

Chasing away the winter blahs

We had a teaser of decent weather last week, of course being on midnights I slept half the day away and missed it, and now we're back to the brutal reality of winter.  Freezing temps, more snow, and even freezing rain in the wee hours this morning...with more snow expected tonight.
I love creating with colour, and browsing through Herrschners one day, found their kids brites yarns.  I will say, I was slightly disappointed with their green and pink, and I do think it's hard to make a vibrant/almost neon lilac, but the afghan made from this yarn was bright nevertheless.
Now, I have bought bright yarns before, think they were Red Heart yarns, and they were bright!  I think that's what I was expecting with the Herrschners yarns; even knowing that computer monitors can vary, the colours on their site seemed to almost glow.  The colours I used were the pink, lime, aquamarine, light purple, and tangerine, which is more like a true orange than a tangerine.  The square used is my Autumn Warmth 12" square, although with the yarn/hook used, they were a bit smaller than 12".  They were assembled in strips of 3, with a border around each strip, then a final border around the entire assembled ghan.
The afghan measures 36" x 36" (about 91.5cm x 91.5cm), and would make a great gift either for a shower, or for a new baby--I can just see a toddler holding a favourite doll in one arm while dragging this as it hangs from the other.  This one is finished and ready to ship, just click on the picture for the listing, or one can be made in your choice of colours--including more traditional baby colours!

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