Friday, October 15, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day

We went camera shopping the other day.  Nothing fancy, although I did see a camera I'd love to have if we did have $300-$400 to throw away.  And not exactly what we had gone looking for, which was a Wal-Mart special.  For only $70, it wasn't a bad deal, a Kodak Easyshare...but we were looking for one with the settings on a dial on the top, like we've been used to for a few years now.
We did find one, just under $100, with advanced video features (hey, we can ZOOM while in video mode now!!), with the settings on a dial on the top.  I was hoping for a viewfinder other than the screen on the back, but the cameras we were looking at didn't have that.
I am happy with the camera, though, I took it with us this morning when we took the dogs for a short walk.
Some shots from our walk with the dogs:

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