Thursday, June 17, 2010

My creative muse is back!

Thankfully!  My creative muse had left me sometime last year, and it was hard to come up with new ideas, I just felt stale.  I did stop trying to force myself to design, and instead worked on some items from 'older' patterns of mine.
Finally, I believe my muse is back, whether for a short visit or a long-term stay I'm not sure.  Hopefully the latter.
Two of my first designs since his/her return are bookmarks--Page Peekers I think I will call them.  Their faces peek at you from above the book page they're marking, and their puffy toes (or shoes on upcoming ones) poke out the bottom.  Of most books.  There are some very large books that will keep the toes well-covered.
Here I have Red Devil and the Hairy Goblin, the patterns are currently being tested and will be available shortly! 

The finished bookmarks are available now in my Etsy shop, clicking on the picture will take you to the item's listing.  If they've sold, just send me a message and I can make them to order!

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