Wednesday, October 01, 2008

First steps...

I've been thinking and planning a business in my head for a few years now. Hem-ing and haw-ing about starting, nervous about taking that first step toward my brick and mortar yarn shop--which would have an internet counterpart!
Last night, after talking to a woman after our school council meeting, I decided I had nothing to lose (at this stage!) checking into it. Worse case scenario: nothing happens. Best case: I open the door to my shop each morning to open up!
I have taken one baby step: I've talked to someone who can help me with setting up.
And another baby step: I've contacted a few yarn companies to inquire about wholesale terms.

One of the harder steps (the phrase "Watch out, that first step's a doozie!" comes to mind) to me will be NAMING my store. Another one will be telling my husband. And when. Now, in the planning stages so he can quickly kill the little sprout with "we can't afford it" or "I could be laid off"...after I manage to procure a small business loan...or after the shop's doors are officially open.

Now, apart from naming it (hey, if you have any suggestions, I'm open at present!), thoughts of what to stock besides yarns run through my head.
Buttons, beads, hooks and needles, patterns...all pretty basic.

What would YOU like to see in a local yarn store? Feel free to comment with suggestions.

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Tina said...

I would love to see more affordable yarns, more patterns and books, and better selections of crochet hooks. Any privately owned yarn store I've been to has had tons of knitting supplies (needles, markers, etc.) and extremely little if any crochet supplies. Also they always carry yarns that are "upscale" which would cost a mild fortune if one were to need enough to make a sweater or larger item. I call shops like those one skein wonder stores because frankly I don't see how anybody could afford more than that there. On the patterns, they are usually very few and those few are expensive and for knitters only. I am congident though with your passion for crochet that would not be the case with patterns and hopefully tools and supplies.

Best of luck to you and I hope you do go for it!