Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Neon meets watermelon meets checkerboard

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At a request from someone on Etsy, I designed a pair of checkerboard slippers. Now, this is my rough draft, and I used a couple of colours I had handy (as opposed to going to the basement and browsing through my tubs) which just happened to be bright green (you may recognize from my Lion Allieghan--pattern available soon--I'm selling on Etsy. The pink...I really can't remember where that came from! The colours together kinda make me want to break out my sunglasses.
I designed these so that they are wider at the toe end of the foot than at the heel. I have yet to meet someone whose heel is the widest point of their foot!

This pattern will be available in my CrochetSal's store at Etsy, and also on my site, June 5th, along with a stuffed scorpion, the afore-mentioned Lion Allieghan and a tote. Pictures show bottom of slipper (left) and top of slipper (right).

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