Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thank you to all who voted on the mandrake doll's name. The winning name is Montgomery. I'll be contacting all who entered names (there were 4 in total!)as the three runners up will also receive a free pattern of their choice.

With the snow we got (okay, my niece can rub it in--I swore last night that we wouldn't get nearly as much as they were forecasting, figures they'd be right this time) does this mean March came in like a lion? This morning was one of those mornings you didn't stop at corners unless you absolutely had to: 5:40 am and plows hadn't hit most of the streets, and the one they did do piled snow on the street I was coming OFF of. Considering I'm driving just a wee little Escort, I think I did well not to get stuck!
After working 4 hours in the produce department (lifting, moving, stocking) I came home to...move and lift the snow! Thankfully, the sun is out, the day is very mild, so the snow should melt if this keeps up.
Uh...did I say thankfully? Should I mention here that our basement is far from dry and with a heavy rainfall, we get water??

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