Monday, December 05, 2005

Just filling in time

It's one of those days, I really don't know what to say!
The name the elf doll contest has ended, patterns sent off to the winner, and all those who had sent in suggestions were also given a free pattern of their choice from December's patterns. The Santa Claus gift bag seemed to be the bigger hit.

My guest book at bravenet seems neglected: the only posts lately have been SPAM. I wound up deleting one 'iffy' post when I received an identical one from the same person the very next day. Two days later, received the same one AGAIN, along with one from a different name, but that ended the same way with an 'email me if you want' message. Suspicions aroused, I checked the IP address only to find that 'Vesna' and (name is foggy, but I think it was) 'Anna' were one and the same. Still not sure of the purpose: the link that I checked was to a page with links to Christmas trees, Anna's message was regarding diamond rings. Either way, don't think I'll hear from that one soon, I LOVE the IP banning option!!

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